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We strive to go the extra mile, so our customers don’t have to.  We have a highly experienced team to support our customers ever-changing needs.  We understand the value of every load our customers entrust to us.

About Us

Worthington Company is headquartered downtown Indianapolis

In home to the crossroads of America. TWC is a leading logistic provider founded by Dave Worthington in 1999. In the beginning, TWC was built with hard work combined with devoted customer service for our customer’s logistical needs.

With our strong carrier partnerships, matching freight with what our carrier partners needs are, this allows TWC to apply a precise logistical solution to our customers.

Services We Offer

An Experienced Freight Broker for Transportation Management

Dry Van


LTL and Partials

Rail Intermodal


Truck Load

Time Sensitive

Reasons You Should Believe Worthington

We have a very diverse level of experience and focus on old fashion customer service, where you matter to us.  One point of contact with a back up always available, no more getting lost in the voicemail system, we are available to service your needs at a fair price.

Supply Chain Agility

We have a very deep understanding that the supply chain can either be the grease in the wheel that keeps things running smooth or the missing tooth in the gear that locks up the docks. When the supply chain doesn’t show up and perform it affects so much more than just one shipment. Will you get 100% perfect? probably not, however; we understand that our success is reflective of your satisfaction.

Carrier Qualifications

We go the extra mile with two very reputable companies to monitor the authority, insurance, and safety rating of each carrier that we use. We select carriers with longevity of tenure and without negative reviews. We have a strict service policy and terminate carriers that are not in line with our service goals.

Service and Reliability

Our goal is to make your tender of freight the last touch you must have to meet your shipping needs. We have only been successful in our job when we do what we say we are going to do with utmost respect for our customers’ needs.

Tracking and Visibility

Once the freight leaves your dock we requires our partners to use a tracking system via GPS, which updates every hour.

Cost and Budget

Rather you need a spot quote or contract rates, we have a team that understands market pricing and understand YOU are who makes us successful.

Customer Referral Program

By referring shippers who can send business our way, you’ll not only be helping us grow but also enjoying fantastic discounts on your future invoices. It’s a win-win! We’ve crafted this program inspired by our Industry success, and the attached image reveals the potential dollar amounts waiting for you.

The transportation industry never stops so our staff is 24/7 to be available to our customers and carriers. This helps us stay proactive!

The Brand that Businesses Trust

The company has been in business since 1999 and was incorporated in 1999.  You can say we’ve been around the block.  Collectively we have a crew with an average tenure in the industry of 24 years, while that may seem low for a company that has been in business for 24 years, we have a high expectation for our team.


Founded by Dave


Years of Experience


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